Since 2006, How-2-Technologies LLC has worked with other consulting businesses, training businesses, community colleges, manufacturing facilities, boards, state agencies and small businesses in identifying and implementing improvements.

The following is a list of projects:
  • President of a self-managed condo association
  • Gather requirements, develop QA policy, and facilitate advisory board for a non-profit
  • Facilitated various workgroups to document and map ISO 9001:2008 Business Processes
  • Conducted Employee Survey and Feedback Presentations
  • Developed Team Charters
  • Conducted What’s My Communication Style Instrument
  • Conducted Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses & Threats (SWOT) Sessions
  • Developed Strategic Directions to address a roles/responsibilities conflict
  • Designed and facilitated an organization-wide Problem Solving/Improvement Process
  • Taught customized Facilitation Fundamentals Training
  • Designed and facilitated Manager Training that included a 360 assessment of the managers
  • Process mapping and data-driven improvement of the Product Realization workflows
  • Designed and facilitated an ISO learning sessions
  • Developed Community Consulting Services Group
  • Developed Lunch & Learn sessions for local businesses
  • Mediated a cross-functional conflict using process improvement tools
  • Facilitated a cross-functional team that established standards for adult education registration
  • Designed and facilitated— Facilitation Fundamentals Training
  • Designed and facilitated—Project Management Fundamentals Training
  • Facilitated a process to document and improve a computer system.
  • Interviewed key staff to improve an information system
  • Facilitated a team to develop the system requirements for an online registration program
  • Facilitated a Board Planning Retreat & their monthly Steering Committee Meetings
  • Co-facilitated proprietary Organizational Assessments and developed feedback reports
  • Facilitated File Server Standards Improvement
  • Functioned as a Mystery Shopper

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“The consultant's objective is to engage in successful actions that result in people or organizations managing themselves differently."

—Peter Block