Heather Witkowski, President of How-2-Technologies LLC, has over 25 years experience in developing and implementing organizational improvements while functioning in the following roles:   

Consultant & Coach

Provide timely guidance and feedback to help others strengthen specific knowledge/skills required to accomplish organizational improvements and develop staff. Many years of experience interacting with individuals, organizational teams and executive teams.


Facilitating quality improvement teams; identifying and developing training; conducting assessments, designing data collection techniques; conducting interviews, survey & focus groups; business process improvements and conducting organizational assessments and evaluations.

Information Technology Business Analyst/ESI Int.

Knowledgeable and skilled in identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems. Solutions may include: process improvement, organizational change, technology components or training. Fifteen years of computer information systems management—desktop, timeshare and networked environments.

Project Manager

Developing and/or implementing events, complex problem solving, Strategic Goals and Objectives.

Certifications — Specific Content Knowledge

  • Member of ASQ
  • Certified Business Analyst/ESI Int. and the George Washington University
  • 1997 and 1999 Michigan Quality Council Leadership Award Examiner
  • Advanced Planned Change Internship
  • Qualified Mediator, State of Michigan
  • Bachelor’s Degree Western Michigan University
  • Since 2006, Owner of How-2-Technologies LLC
  • 10 years of organizational improvement projects—interacting with Senior Management
  • 15 years of computer information systems management
  • Eight years of managing and training technical staff and training end users
  • Seven years of computer system administration, systems analysis and programming

Why us?

We will help you bring a focus on how to work together.

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"How-2-Technologies provides facilitation services to groups of people who come together to work as a team—using improvement processes to accomplish goals—solve problems!"

—Heather Witkowski

Certified Business Analyst