Welcome to How-2-Technologies!

Vision ... Focus on How We Work Together

Technology is not just about computers… the word is derived from the Greek word "techne", meaning craft or how to build a method and make a way.

Technology enables—by providing a more expanded view of reality which helps us to understand, describe, and interact with a work system. H2T is an improvement company—collaborating with individuals, teams, projects, or an entire organization to create, to plan, and to implement improvements.

Why would a business or organization hire H2T?

  • Establish and/or implement Strategic Objectives & Action Plans
  • Build staff or team capacity
  • Conduct assessments
  • Shift from procedures to Process Management
  • Identify and implement improvements—measures
  • Improve inter-functional or cross-functional relationships
  • Provide neutrality

What's our value or result?

  • Increase in productivity/effectiveness
  • Decrease in product or service cycle time
  • Improve product or service quality
  • Improve various relationships

Our Promise!

  • Collaboration
  • Transfer of knowledge to build capacity
  • Improvements that meet the organization's requirements

Whether the intent is to implement teams, process improvements, ISO, measures, information technology systems or specific training, an improvement technology exists that guides those improvements while accomplishing goals.

"How-2-Technologies provides facilitation services to groups of people who come together to work as a team using improvement processes to accomplish goals solve problems!"

—Heather Witkowski